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Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge - An easy vacation escape

From rustic to ultra-luxury living, Blue Ridge, Georgia has it all. Located 90 minutes from north Atlanta, Blue Ridge is an easy vacation escape for many of the 6,000,000+ people living in the Atlanta metroplex. Blue Ridge is also the first cabin destination for Florida residents traveling north to escape the heat or to see leaves change colors in the Fall. If your idea of a vacation is fly fishing, kayaking, tubing, hiking, antiquing, boutique shopping, riding on an open-air train through the mountains, or simply enjoying wine at a local vineyard, then Blue Ridge is for you. We are a small southern town with a hippy vibe.

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Tourists enjoy our “mom and pop” shops and restaurants while not getting hit with tourist trap prices. The reasonable cost of living here makes it a palatable destination for many. While still maintaining the small-town feel, Blue Ridge’s tourist infrastructure continues to grow. Dozens of new eateries and breweries are being added annually.

Our seasonality is what you’d expect from a cabin town in the South. February is our slowest month. Spring can be great if the weather cooperates. Summer and Fall are our peaks. Surprising to some, October is one of our strongest months.

, Blue Ridge

Short-term rental regulations in Fannin and Gilmer counties are minimal. Be outside the city limits and pay $250/year for your license. There are a couple of communities that restrict STRs, but for the most part, the Blue Ridge Market is very STR-friendly.

Property appreciation continues to climb upward. In many cases, property values have almost doubled since 2019, especially with the newer, more modern-designed cabins.

Since we are so close to metro Atlanta, Blue Ridge is a little more trendy than other cabin markets. Contemporary-style cabins with flat, rough-hewn lumber siding tend to draw in more business. The older, round log cabins can do well if the furnishings are crisp and clean. The perfect case scenario is a contemporary cabin with a farmhouse vibe on the inside. If you are the type of host that loves to decorate, Blue Ridge will be very kind to you! Trendy, modern furnishings will go a long way here. If the inside of your cabin looks like Joanna Gaines decorated it, you stand a chance to make money hand over fist. A hot tub and some sort of gaming amenity are “must haves” to be competitive. Shuffleboards, pinball machines, arcades, pool tables, etc., all work. A cabin with a mountain view can help you make more money during the slower months. Minor upgrades like king beds instead of queen beds make a difference..

We are not necessarily a honeymoon destination, nor are we a corporate retreat destination. Because of this, we don’t have a lot of 1 bedroom cabins or multiplexes. The vast majority of the cabins in our market are 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms.

Ellijay (pronounced Ela-Jay) is the sister town to Blue Ridge. Properties in Ellijay typically cost around 10-15% less and make about 10-15% less. Other areas in the Blue Ridge Market include Cherry Log, the western half of Morganton, Mineral Bluff, and the southeast portion of Epworth. All of these areas can do very well. The best case scenario is being within 15 driving minutes of downtown Blue Ridge.

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