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Short-Term Rental Properties & Homes for Sale in Florida

For adventure chasers and sun lovers alike, Florida could be the place for you.

How to Buy a Home & Short Term Rental Property in Florida

Whether you’re looking to purchase a home for your full-time use, or you’re looking for properties to call home when the summer sun emerges, Florida homes for sale are the perfect location to please everyone in your family.

Purchasing a Home in Florida

If you’re looking for Florida real estate options, it’s important to start by researching, which you’re already doing by reading this. Please use the search box below to get an understanding of what type and size (square footage, bathrooms, bedrooms, lot size, etc.) of home you can afford on your budget.

Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for in a home, find an experienced realtor to help you navigate the process. Purchasing a new or second home, especially if you’re located in a different state, can be a very difficult process and it’s helpful to have a local on the ground who can help.

Nice House

When choosing your realty company, don’t be afraid to ask questions! You should choose your realtor based on their sale experience and the types of homes and real estate, and even the typical square footage, that they normally work with. If you have a specific area in which you see yourself living, it can be helpful to find a realtor who frequently works within that area. Ask your realty company if they are also a property manager and if they are, it’s best to move in a different direction as this presents a conflict of interest. You shouldn’t have to pay your realtor more than a few hundred dollars to cover the storage processing of legal documents as realtors makes their money off of the sale commission.

Once you have an agent, they’ll help you begin the process of looking around to find and purchase your new Florida home! They can set up home visits or attend open houses on your behalf so that you can see the property in person before you purchase. Please be aware that especially in Florida, a lot of vacation units with desirable locations (such as by the bay or beach) or new construction can move very quickly! If you’re not from the area, you might have to make a real estate purchase sight unseen. This is why it’s vital to have an experienced agent that you trust who is from the area, because they can help you navigate the process completely virtually, even doing video walkthroughs! The realty company can give you detailed information about the square footage so that you don’t find yourself in a tiny house when you arrive.

Once you’ve found the perfect home, whether or not you’ve seen it in person, you can start the process of purchasing and confirming the sale. Your agent will negotiate on your behalf and walk you through closing. The next step is to visit your new Florida home and enjoy it!

For those purchasing a home to be used as a vacation house, you might be considering renting out your home as a short term rental in Florida while you’re not using it. Make sure to take some time to read up on the local and state rental laws because some areas might have specifications that make this difficult.

Short Term Rental in Florida

If you’re planning on spending a few months on the beach in Florida, but you don’t want to make a big investment in a second home, a short term rental is a perfect solution to please your wallet.

Short term rentals are typically rented for less than six months and are paid on a nightly basis rather than with a mortgage. Some longer rentals can be paid on a monthly basis, but how this works will vary by the property manager. Your realtor will help you with the process and will be able to discuss local regulations with you further.

Big House

When looking for a short term rental listing, one of the first steps to take is to choose your favorite location. Do you want somewhere residential or more city? Since you’re not committing to a long term agreement, you’ll probably be able to find something still in your price range and a decent size, but in a great area near to your favorite spots. However, when budgeting, make sure to factor in security deposits and cleaning fees which could significantly increase the cost of a rental. Additionally, a short term rental might mean a nicer home in a non-residential area but with a smaller lot size. Make sure you filter your searches for short term rentals so you don’t get your heart set on the wrong place!

As you decide on your short term rental, make sure to look at the amenities available in the house. If you’re purchasing a home you’ll have the ability to remodel and install new appliances, but short term rentals won’t allow for this. If a dryer and air conditioning are on your must-have list, make sure that the rental has these or you might be stuck without them for several months. Not ready to share bathrooms with your kids? This isn’t an amenity that can be quickly purchased at the store, so do you research to find homes with the appropriate number of bathrooms!

The next step is to check out the legal status of the short term rental listing and house. If you’re working with a realty company, they will do this for you. Because there are so many online short term and vacation rental sites, many cities have created new ordinances. Make sure that you’re staying somewhere legal that isn’t participating in a legal scam.

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Facts About Florida You Should Know

If you’re considering purchasing or renting a home in Florida, there are some facts about Florida property and real estate laws that are good to know before you confirm the sale.

  • A landlord has between 15 to 60 days to return a security deposit if the tenant disputes the charges
  • Permanent residences might be eligible for reductions of up to $650 in real property taxes under Florida’s Homestead Tax Exemption real estate law
  • If you’re purchasing a new home, you, as the buyer, have the choice of whether or not to release funds from an escrow
  • Orlando short term rental laws require that lodging taxes are collected from guests (some short term rental sites like Airbnb will automatically collect these)
  • Orlando short term rental law limits hosts to one booking at a time with a maximum of two people per room and no more than four people who are not family members in the rental at the same time
  • If you’re moving to Florida, even part-time (more than 90 days per year), you need to register your car, and prove that you meet insurance requirements
Pen and Paper

Now that you’re armed with a few important facts about Florida’s real estate law, let’s dive into a few fun facts to get you excited about your move to the sunny state, where there are activities and drinks that are sure to please everyone.

  • Out of every state in the United States, Florida has the most golf courses
  • If you’re a plant lover, head to the residential town of Pierson, known as the Fern Capital of the World
  • You’re not alone in your move to Florida because about 1,000 people move there daily
  • If you love bike riding but hate the hills, you’ll be happy to know that Florida is the flattest state with the highest point being only 345 feet above sea level
  • Whether you like them for the juice, a snack, or added to a cocktail, Florida produces the most oranges and watermelon in the US
  • Calling all reptile lovers! The Everglades is the only place in the world where crocodiles and alligators cohabitate
  • Ready for some weird geography? The St. Johns River is one of the only major rivers that flows south to north
  • Jacksonville is the largest city in the United States
Florida Beach

Dreaming of cocktails in the sand on a warm, open beach yet? Start searching for your dream property below!

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