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Scottsdale, AZ

, Agents – Scottsdale, AZ

Leslie Carbajal Scottsdale, AZ

Leslie Carbajal

Leslie is an Arizona native and REALTOR®  that loves all things about the Valley of the Sun. She knows the Valley well and is familiar with the areas in which one may be interested in investing. She is very passionate about real estate and strives to help her clients achieve their real estate goals by providing both generational and long-term wealth for themselves and their families. Leslie and her husband got the investing “bug” which led to her reading the book, “Short Term Rental, Long Term Wealth” then listening to all podcasts related to investing. Leslie believes and strives to show her daughters (proud girl Mom!) that nothing is impossible. Leslie and her husband are proud owners of a cabin in the Smokies as clients of the Short Term Shop and are hopeful to add more investment properties soon to their portfolio. Leslie is extremely excited to help others find investment properties here in Arizona and achieve their financial freedom goals with The Short Term Shop!

, Agents – Scottsdale, AZ

Jessica Marriott Scottsdale, AZ

Jessica Marriott

Jessica “wanted it-got it” winning attitude is how she earned the top 8% spot in country for a leading pharmaceutical company, became the first boutique handbag brand to sell in Bloomingdale’s, has run marathons, raised boy/girl twins and worked for a nationally ranked realtor in Arizona. She has lived in Scottsdale Arizona since 2003 and knows The Valley well. She cares deeply about helping make her clients experience the very best and looks forward to helping you get a property in the AZ market with The Short Term Shop!

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