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Meet the team

, Meet the team

Gennifer MixSevier County, TN

Gennifer Mix

Gennifer obtained her real estate license in 2012 and is currently a local Realtor in The Great Smoky Mountains. She specializes in Short Term Rental Investment opportunities in Gatlinburg, Sevierville, and Pigeon Forge, TN. She is married and a mother of two boys who attend The University of TN Knoxville and East Tennessee State University. In 2018, after 23 years of military service, her family retired to East Tennessee and began investing in Short Term Rentals in The Smokies. They currently own 5 properties with a goal of owning many more.

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Rush ValentineEmerald Coast, FL

Rush Valentine

Rush is a Mississippi native that always looked forward to these vacations to the Emerald Coast. In 2014, after a weekend getaway to introduce his wife to the area, they decided it was time to call the Emerald Coast home. Rush, his wife Kristen, and a newborn daughter Mary Shelton reside in Santa Rosa Beach where he enjoys spending time on the beach with his family and playing golf at one of the many local courses. Rush has been with The Short Term Shop since early 2019, since then he has acquired a few investment properties of his own and helped many clients find the right property to jump start their investment journey.

, Meet the team

Jose SantiagoSevier County, TN

Jose Santiago

Jose served in the Air Force for over 15 years before finding his new career in Real Estate. Currently, he owned 2 properties of which are both long term rentals in New Jersey and Knoxville and look forward to buying more. As your agent, he will dedicate his efforts to ensure you find the rental that’s going to put money in your pocket. Cash Flow Baby!

, Meet the team

Jeana Maddux Sevier County, TN

Jeana Maddux

Jeana has been in the Real Estate business for over 15 years and most recently managed the Transaction Department at eXp Realty, which consists of over 35,000 Real Estate Professionals. She is originally from the Chattanooga, TN area, and visited the smokies for the first time while dating her husband. She was captivated by the beauty of the area and everything it had to offer. Since Pigeon Forge was only a 2-hour drive away, it quickly became her second home. She dreamed of moving to the area and selling cabins in the Smoky Mountains – At the first opportunity, she and her family made the move. Jeana feels blessed to be living her dream while helping others become successful with their Short Term investment.

, Meet the team

Julie McCoy Sevier County, TN

Julie McCoy

Julie began investing in vacation rentals in 2017 while working full-time in the television industry. In less than a year, she had four vacation rentals in California and Tennessee, and realized her side hustle had replaced her regular income. Ready for a change, she relocated to Tennessee and began her career as a Realtor, working with investors to help them achieve the same financial freedom. She now owns nine properties, primarily in the Smoky Mountains.

, Meet the team

Tim GrillotSevier County, TN

Tim Grillot

Tim is an Iowa native and has been in the real estate game since his first flip at 17 years old. He began his short-term rental career in Gulf Shores and quickly expanded to the Smoky Mountains. Tim holds several properties including STR and LTR. He spent 16 years in construction and 8 years in the automotive industry as an executive of a large corporation. Tim and his wife are minimalists living in an Airstream and he is a proud Dad, an avid car and motorcycle enthusiast, as well as an amateur runner. Tim was featured on episode 15 of The Short Term Show.

, Meet the team

Derek TellierSevier County, TN

Derek Tellier

In 2017 after 20 years working for Harley-Davidson Dealerships, Derek was inspired by Luke and Avery to get into Real Estate investing. He began immersing himself in podcasts, books and Bigger Pockets to learn as much as he could. In October of 2018 he started the East TN REI Meetup that meets the last Thursday of every month in different areas around the Greater Sevier County TN Market. In 2019 he purchased his first investment property, a single family BRRRR that went almost too good! In 2020 he also flipped a single family house, bought his first Short Term Rental Cabin, a Duplex to house hack and is continuing to expand his portfolio.
Today Derek owns 6 Properties, 3 Long Term Rentals, 2 Cabins and a Duplex/House Hack/Short Term rental right in the heart of Pigeon Forge. Derek considers himself a problem solver who will uncover every opportunity to get across the finish line.

, Meet the team

Karen ChenailleSevier County, TN

Karen Chenaille

Karen is a real estate investor that joined the team after buying four properties from the Short Term Shop.  Her holdings include cash-flowing short term rental properties in the Smokies, Emerald Coast, Mississippi, and New England. Karen served over 20 years in corporate America and five years in the US Army as a Chinese linguist prior to joining the Short Term Shop.

As Karen’s client, you’ll have the commitment, expertise and support of a like-minded real estate investor to help you acquire and successfully manage a cash-flowing investment property.  

, Meet the team

Jonathan LazzarinoGulf Shores, Alabama

Jonathan Lazzarino

Jonathan is in the Gulf Shores, Alabama area. He comes from a family of real estate investors, and has helped his family buy long-term single family and commercial real estate investments. He also worked in residential real estate in the Houston area before moving to Gulf Shores to help investors find great STR opportunities. His favorite things in life are spending time with his wife and daughter, enjoying life to the fullest, and looking for the next great investment.

, Meet the team

Luke CarlEducator

Luke Carl

Luke is our education and self-management specialist. He bought his first investment property in 2012. He has since done every trick in the book; House hack, BRRRR Method, HELOC, 1031 Exchange, Single Family, Small Multi-Family, Apartments, LTR, & STR. He has over 3000 reservations on his STR resume, and is the creator of the Enemy Method. He currently holds over 100 doors in 6 markets in 4 states. He is an avid runner, has 2 children, and a Rockstar wife.

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Anya DykesSevier County, TN

Anya Dykes

Anya has lived in Sevier County for 12 years. She’s very passionate about real estate and the beautiful Smoky Mountains. Her goal is to help clients achieve their goals and help provide long term wealth for their families. She’s got her own STR and have another 1 on the way.
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Lance LuckeySevier County, TN

Lance Luckey

Lance is a husband of one Wife, Father of one Son, Realtor of many Clients. After having lived and worked in the Smoky Mountain Tourism Market for nearly 10 years, he finally realized why there are so many hotels, condos, cabins, and other STRs. His goal is to become a Short Term Rental Investor, just like you. Lance is committed to learn, grow and help established your Financial Freedom for your family on a generational level.

, Meet the team

Kaitlin GlennSevier County, TN

Kaitlin Glenn

Kaitlin was born and raised in Sevier County, TN and she has knowledge, love, and respect for the Smokies. She even graduated from the same high school as Dolly Parton! She began her real estate career working for a local real estate attorney for 3 years when she quickly decided that her talents would be better used as an agent. Kaitlin is currently working on a BRRRR investment property and is excited to start her next! She loves being able to help investors discover the beauty and the cash flow that Smokies has to offer.

, Meet the team

Levi and Darah TrenthamSevier County, TN

Levi And Darah Trentham

Levi and Darah’s family legacy runs deep within the Smoky Mountains. Levi was named after his great grandfather, Levi Trentham, who is known as “The Prophet of the Smokies” and still has a cabin standing in Elkmont to this day. They’re a real estate team that helps investors find cash-flowing properties in the Smoky Mountains. They currently own three short-term rental properties with plans of owning more. They love spending time with their two kids, helping others reach their investment goals, and building long-lasting relationships with their clients.

, Meet the team

Natalie WalthourSevier County, TN

Natalie Walthour

Natalie started with The Short Term Shop as an investor in the Smokies in early 2020. The cash flow from her Smokies STR allowed her to leave her 13-year career as a teacher to pursue her dream of helping others build their STR portfolio. Natalie will be able to help you from the perspective of both experienced investors and agents.

, Meet the team

Susan SmithSevier County, TN

Susan Smith

Susan has been in the Real Estate business for over 12 years here in the Smoky Mountain Area. She moved from Texas to Tennessee in 2008 after visiting the area and fell in love with the Mountains. Shortly after moving she became a Realtor® and began helping people with their dream of investing in the Smoky Mountain Market. Susan purchased a home on the beautiful Douglas Lake in Sevierville in October 2020 and is actively looking for another investment in the area.

, Meet the team

Zeke GoodmanSevier County, TN

Zeke Goodman

Zeke is from Knoxville, TN, and is married with two beautiful children. He grew up vacationing with his family in the Smoky Mountains and has since fallen in love with the area. He started real estate investing in 2021, he now has 2 short-term rentals in the Smoky Mountains and plans on purchasing more in the near future. He is also house hacking his first home and planned to turn it into his first long-term rental to further diversify his portfolio. When he is not busy being a realtor, you will most likely find Zeke in the gym or traveling with his family. He truly loves helping others find investment properties and helping them on their path to financial freedom.

, Meet the team

Dillon CateSevier County, TN

Dillon Cate

Dillon is a native of Sevier County, Tennessee, and comes from a family of real estate brokers. Prior to joining the team, Dillon worked for a real estate development company as well as an investment/consulting firm. With his experience, he has the expertise needed to guide both new and experienced investors in the process of purchasing well-performing STRs in The Great Smoky Mountains. Dillon currently owns 2 investment properties and is in the process of expanding his portfolio.

, Meet the team

Maria KellySevier County, TN

Maria Kelly

Maria and her husband have been a resident of Sevier County for more than 10 years now. Over that time, she worked closely in the community and became very familiar with the area. Maria has a passion for real estate and she looks forward to helping you with all your investment needs.

, Meet the team

Yok ReNorth Georgia Mountains, GA

Yok Re

Yok is our specialist in the Blue Ridge, Georgia market. He’s been a part of real estate deals from condos in metro Atlanta to ranches in Montana. Not only does Yok understand the cabin lifestyle, but he also lives it. From fly fishing to hiking to kayaking, he does it all. His deep understanding of the local real estate market assures you, that you will have an opportunity at purchasing the cabin of your dreams. His long-standing relationship with other local realtors can give you a leg up on acquiring the right property. Before working in real estate, Yok was a preferred marketing developer for Facebook, so pick his brain when it comes to the marketing of your new Short Term Rental.

, Meet the team

Cheryl RobbEmerald Coast, FL

Cheryl Robb

Cheryl worked for title companies in Florida and Virginia, before obtaining her Real Estate License in 2018. Her background knowledge in real estate transactions helps her clients make informed decisions. She specializes in Short Term Rental Investment properties along the Emerald Coast to include 30A, Destin, Miramar Beach, and Panama City Beach. She’s lived on the Emerald Coast for the past decade, so she sure knows the area too well. Cheryl is the proud mother of two sons, and typically can be found on the sidelines of lacrosse and soccer fields or a jujitsu tournament.

, Meet the team

Avery Carl Sevier County & Emerald Coast

Avery Carl

Avery Carl was named one of Wall Street Journal’s Top 100 and Newsweek’s Top 500 agents in 2020. She and her team at The Term Shop focus exclusively on Vacation Rental and Short Term Rental Clients, having closed well over 1 billion dollars in real estate sales. Avery has sold over $300 million in Short Term/Vacation Rentals since 2017. An investor herself, with a portfolio of over 100 Doors, Avery specializes in connecting investors with short term rentals with the highest ROI potential, and then training them to manage their short term rental from their smart phone from anywhere in the world.