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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Leave a Review on Airbnb

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Leave a Review on Airbnb

how to leave a review on Airbnb

Leaving an Airbnb review is an act that serves as the heartbeat of short-term rental’s vibrant community.

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For guests, it articulates the essence of their experience. It isn’t just a mere assessment—it’s a way to share narratives that recount the joys, surprises, and heartfelt moments that made their stay unique.

For hosts, on the other hand, Airbnb reviews are akin to treasure troves. Each word shared encapsulates a guest's journey—the highs, the areas of improvement, the tiny details that matter. With the information you gather from them, you can tweak, enhance, and sculpt your offerings to ensure each guest experience is more enchanting than the last.

In this exchange, trust is built. Guests rely on the reviews to reflect the essence of a place honestly, while hosts place their faith in these reviews as guiding stars, steering them toward hospitality excellence.

But how to leave a review on Airbnb that resonates, captivates, and genuinely reflects the essence of the stay? Let's explore this together in this post!

How Does the Airbnb Review System Work?

The Airbnb review system functions as a mutual feedback mechanism between guests and hosts. After a guest completes their stay at a vacation rental, they have the opportunity to leave private feedback about their experience. Meanwhile, the owner also has the freedom to respond to those host reviews. 

Airbnb reviews are double-blind, meaning neither party can see the other's comments until both have been submitted or until the review period ends. This approach encourages honesty and transparency in the feedback shared by both parties.

These reviews are vital for the Airbnb community as they provide valuable insights into the quality of accommodation and the hospitality provided. They help future guests make informed decisions, while hosts can utilize them to enhance their services and maintain high standards.

How to Write Good Airbnb Reviews: Steps to Take

Mastering how to leave a review on Airbnb entails thoughtful steps and considerations, empowering you to shape compelling narratives that capture the essence of your stay while guiding future guests.

Step 1: Find the Email Sent to You by Airbnb, Asking You to Write a Review

Following your stay at a vacation rental, Airbnb will promptly reach out to you via email, encouraging you to share your experience through a review.

Should the email prompt slip through your inbox, you can seamlessly access the review submission directly on the Airbnb website. Simply log in to your Airbnb account and navigate to your trip details, where the option to craft your review awaits.

This accessibility ensures that regardless of the pathway chosen, your voice, opinion, and experience find their way into the Airbnb review system.

Step 2: Write Your Review 

Knowing how to leave reviews on Airbnb websites involves more than just typing out thoughts—it's about painting an honest, practical picture that resonates with the hosts and future guests. To ensure your feedback leaves a lasting impression, here are some key best practices to follow.

Be Honest

Transparency forms the cornerstone of impactful Airbnb reviews. Share your authentic experience, highlighting both the highs and any areas that might benefit from improvement. Honesty fosters trust among readers seeking genuine insights.

Be Practical

Practicality in your review lends it tangible value. Detail the aspects that made your stay special or any practical tips that other hosts and users might find beneficial.

Follow the 1,000-word Character Limit Policy

Conciseness breeds clarity. While sharing your narrative, ensure it stays within Airbnb's 1,000-word character limit policy. This guideline encourages succinct yet comprehensive reviews that encapsulate your experience succinctly. Consequently, these pieces of information will also be truly valuable for those planning to rent the same property.

Step 3: Submit Your Review

Once your review is polished and captures the essence of your stay, simply hit the “Submit’ button. Your words will then join the mosaic of experiences, guiding other users in booking the perfect accommodation and empowering hosts on their journey toward creating exceptional stays.

Editing Your Airbnb Review

After submitting your review, Airbnb allows a 14-day window for any potential edits. This thoughtful provision ensures that your feedback remains accurate, precise, and reflective of your experience. Should you find the need to refine or adjust any details within this timeframe, simply revisit your review, make the necessary amendments, and re-submit.

Grounds for Review Removal

In certain cases, Airbnb may opt to remove Airbnb reviews if they breach their policy. Here are the main reasons for this to happen.

  • Your review violates the Airbnb Content Policy: Reviews that contain discriminatory language, hate speech, personal information, or any form of prohibited content outlined in this policy risk removal to maintain a safe and respectful platform.
  • Your review is biased: Airbnb values impartiality. Reviews perceived as overly biased, whether excessively positive or negative without substantiated reasons, might be subject to removal to uphold fairness in evaluations.
  • Your review is irrelevant to your experience in using Airbnb: Reviews should directly relate to the specific Airbnb experience. Any content that veers significantly off-topic or fails to address the stay's relevant aspects may be removed to maintain the integrity and relevance of reviews.

Understanding and adhering to these policies ensures that your reviews contribute meaningfully to the Airbnb community while staying within the platform's established guidelines.

Excellent Airbnb Review Examples

hand pointing to a row of stars signifying excellent Airbnb reviews

To give you a better picture of how to leave a review on Airbnb, here are three good examples to look at.

Example 1: Enchanting Serenity

"Our stay was nothing short of enchanting. From the breathtaking sunrise views to the cozy nooks that whispered tales of comfort, this Airbnb felt like a hidden gem. The host's attention to detail, coupled with their warm hospitality, made every moment memorable."

Example 2: Home Away From Home

"Staying here felt like discovering a home away from home. The thoughtful touches, like the personalized welcome and local recommendations, made us feel instantly at ease. The cleanliness and comfort surpassed expectations, ensuring a delightful retreat."

Example 3: Exceptional Hospitality

"This Airbnb experience was defined by exceptional hospitality. The host's prompt responses, accommodating nature, and genuine care transformed our stay into a seamless, enjoyable escape. Their dedication to ensuring a memorable experience truly stood out."

These examples showcase various aspects of a guest's experience, from the ambiance and amenities to the host's hospitality, allowing potential guests to envision their stay and offering hosts insights into the elements guests appreciate most. 

How Airbnb Hosts Should Leverage Reviews to Improve Guest Experience

For those who are into Airbnb investment, harnessing the power of reviews becomes a cornerstone for success. You can use such information as a roadmap for improvement. You can embrace the positive sentiments to amplify what guests love most about your space, while you can simultaneously leverage constructive feedback to refine and elevate your offerings, setting the stage for a more successful business.

By skillfully using reviews as a guide, you can pave the way for exceptional hospitality, ensuring each of your guests’ experience exceeds expectations and culminating in more top-notch reviews.

Remember—knowing how to leverage reviews will give a good foundation for creating a 5-star Airbnb experience that resonates with every visitor!

Airbnb Review FAQs

Airbnb doesn’t allow hosts to hide or remove reviews. However, you can respond thoughtfully to address concerns and showcase improvements.

Guests can only leave Airbnb reviews if they've checked into the listing. If they cancel before the check-in, they won’t be able to do it.

Yes, Airbnb moderates reviews to ensure they meet content guidelines. However, they don't intervene in the content itself, focusing on maintaining authenticity.

Final Thoughts

Mastering the art of how to leave a review on Airbnb unlocks a world of possibilities for both guests and hosts. So, don’t ignore to embrace this powerful tool for growth and engagement! For more Airbnb tips and information, feel free to check out our other posts. You can also contact us directly for expert guidance on your short-term rental investment journeys. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Avery Carl

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