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Blue Mountain Beach Homes & Rental Properties for Sale

Blue Mountain Beach

It doesn’t need a rocket scientist to explain why people love to spend their vacation on the beach. The sound of the waves, along with the picturesque view of the horizon and the fantastic sunset makes waking up in a beach house genuinely delightful.

The good thing about Blue Mountain Beach real estate is aside from the fantastic view, the beach houses in this area have an elevation of over 65 feet above sea level. This makes the beach town the highest in all of South Walton. Though it may not be a mountain area, its dunes are more mountainous compared to the dunes in the nearby areas. This beach paradise got its name from the Lupin flowers blooming along its coast, creating a breathtaking contrast to the white, sugary beach.

What’s even irresistible is the feel of soft sand against your feet and the smell of the ocean. It’s as if you’re brought to a different world where you can relax and unwind. All these move people to either rent out or buy beach house properties within the Blue Mountain Beach. Though they don’t stay here on a daily basis, the thought that they’ll always have a safe place to relax and unwind when city living exhausts them is more than enough motivation.

How to Buy a Home & Short Term Rental Property in Blue Mountain Beach, FL

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In the past, buying a real estate property was quite challenging for those who live in a different town, region, city, or country. Without the internet, discovering these hidden gems and seeing what they offer would be quite impossible unless you personally witnessed and experienced the property.

Thankfully, technology provided a platform that linked property owners, buyers, and real estate agencies. Through their property listings, the real estate agencies bring and advertise these properties to prospective buyers. In essence, they’re helping the property owner sell their property at a price he’s willing to accept. On the other hand, real estate firms also made life easier for property buyers. Instead of the latter scouting for the available for sale properties, the agent takes this job and shortlists properties that the said buyer can choose from.

The same principle applies when you buy a home or short rental properties in Blue Mountain Beach. You can find a home or short-term rental property in Blue Mountain Beach through a trusted and reliable real estate agency like The Short Term Shop. All you have to do is check our website, click on Florida Listings, and choose Blue Mountain Beach from the drop-down menu for areas you want to search. You’ll see pictures and descriptions of different Blue Mountain Beach real estate properties currently up for sale.

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Facts About Blue Mountain Beach You Should Know

Blue Mountain Beach is situated in a low key and laid-back beach neighborhood that boasts South Walton’s 65 feet elevation. It beckons to beachgoers, art enthusiasts, and adventure seekers. As mentioned above, it was named after the bright blue lupin flowers that grow abundantly in the region. This neighborhood is known to offer different kinds of accommodations, from luxurious homes to cozy and relaxed beach cottages.

Bikers and art lovers would love this place as the Timpoochee Trail has been opened for bike rides. This is where you can see and visit Justin Gaffrey’s art gallery. Gaffrey has been awarded the Artist of the Year award in 2005 for his sculpting with paint style that reflects the diversity and beauty of the regions outdoors.

lupin flowers

According to South Walton’s official page, South Walton, Florida is an ideal destination at any time of the year. This is also the best place to unwind when you need to break away from the stresses of your daily life. With so many options for shopping, sports, ecotourism, theatre, art, and culinary, where else would you rather be?

What Types of Properties Can You Buy in Blue Mountain Beach?

Blue Mountain Beach is also dubbed as the quieter side of 30-A. This area is home to several vacation rental properties like beach houses, condos, and rental homes. The even better fact is that regardless of the type of property you buy in this area, you will surely experience the unique natural setting of 30-A’s most remarkable beaches.

You’ll see different detached single-family houses with four bedrooms and three baths if you open the listings for Blue Mountain Beach. One property located in Santa Rosa Beach, in particular, is sold at $1.3 million, and it has a total lot area of 2304 square feet. The said property was built in 2014, but its interior, furniture, and fixtures are up to date.

Another property up for sale in the area is a three-story 2016 detached single-family house that has a total lot area of up to 2,876 square feet. It’s located at the Dune Side Lane and is currently priced at $969,500.

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Blue Mountain Beach Property Prices

These properties would range from $200,000 to over $1,000,000. Properties within the Gulf Point Road in Santa Rosa Beach usually have the highest values, with the prices going as high as $3,000,000. In terms of floor area, the more expensive properties are generally around 4,000 square feet, with six beds and seven baths. To get to know more about these properties, check out The Short Term Shop’s website or get directly in touch with Avery Carl, the firm’s real estate expert.

Buy the Best Home or Rental Property in Blue Mountain Beach

According to Forbes, two of the main characteristics of a reliable real estate agent are that they offer adequate support and can mitigate the risks.

When it comes to the former characteristic, you must check first whether or not a skilled team supports the real estate firm you’re working with. It would help if you ensured that the firm’s agents are capable of offering a superior level of support and customer service. Since these agents work with several clients at the same time, getting entangled with the logistics of selling or buying a home is easy. It’s also easy to fall short or miss something if there’s no support staff working at the back end.

When you talk about the real estate’s capacity to mitigate risks, it only means that your agent should be upfront and straightforward about the risks involved in selling or buying properties. You need to know the real deal to mitigate the risks proactively instead of hearing the fluff and flatteries.

Avery Carl

Working with Avery and the team

With The Short Term Shop, Avery works with Gennifer and Julie to manage all the properties in their listings and keep their clients on top of all the deals they need to be aware of. Avery is backed by a team of skilled and seasoned real estate agents who have a proven track record in property management and real estate buying and selling. We will always have your back. You will never be left in the dark wondering about the property you want to buy.

And this trio behind the real estate firm means business. We’re not here to impress you with what we know and what you want to hear. We only have one goal in mind—to offer our clients the best possible deals in the market. Whether it’s buying or selling real estate, you’ll win with The Short Term Shop. We only use real data when offering advice on market performance, investment analysis, and long-term effects of your buying or selling decision.

So, if you want to get things done and bag the best deal for the Blue Mountain Beach real estate property of your dreams, work with us at The Short Term Shop. Get in touch with us today and move into Blue Mountain Beach as soon as possible.

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