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Florida has always been a dream destination in the US for beach lovers. And, one of the most popular places in the state where people want to visit during summer is Seagrove Beach.

When it comes to traditional beachside living, this community has been one of the most ideal choices for a lot of Americans. Since the 1940s, it has been a relaxing place of residence for many families, and for some, going to its shores is already an annual summer tradition.

Located on the eastern side of Seaside, Florida just along the famous Scenic Highway 30A, Seagrove Beach is not just a perfect spot for beachgoers, but it’s also an ideal market to invest in homes or rental properties.

Let us have a look at the beauty of this beachside community that has been around for several decades and discuss how you can buy the best properties here.

How to Buy a Home & Short Term Rental Property in Seagrove, FL

Balcony Sea View

Although you will literally be spoilt for choice when it comes to Seagrove Beach FL real estate, you still need to follow these tips to score the best deal for your investment.

Think about how a property would fit into your goals.

Most people who purchase a property in Seagrove Beach don’t only want vacation homes, but are also looking for a source of passive income. Since a lot of travelers flock to this side of Florida every year, there’s a consistent demand for short-term rental properties.

So, before you start looking for options, make sure that you know what your goals are, so you’ll have a clear path to take in your decision-making process.

Look at the rules of the neighborhood.

Although most communities in Seagrove Beach allow short-term rentals, there are still some neighborhoods that restrict owners from renting out their homes to travelers mostly because of safety reasons. This is when having an agent becomes beneficial—you can easily identify which neighborhoods will happily cater to short-term rentals.

Think about the location.

Most vacationers would look for a property near the beach or at least one with amazing views of it. They would also prefer rentals that are located near restaurants, town centers, or shopping districts for convenience.

So, when investing in a rental property, make sure to find the right location first. While you should expect to spend more money on buying a beach house, you can also guarantee a steady rate of occupation by guests because of its prime location.

Facts About Seagrove You Should Know

Seagrove Beach is a paradise in its own right. This two-mile-long beach community on the Gulf of Mexico in the Florida Panhandle is most popular for its “sugar white” beaches and emerald waters. Seagrove Beach FL real estate communities are also known for being laid-back but luxurious, which are two things that anyone would want on a dream vacation.

This beach community has everything you could need and more. Owning vacation homes here means that you’re in the middle of it all. World-class beaches, like Watercolor and Grayton, are located to the west of the community, while residential enclaves, like Alys Beach and WaterSound, are to the east.

Most properties in this community are also facing the Gulf of Mexico and are neatly hidden by huge oak trees. What more could you ask for?

Florida beach

Although the beach is just two miles long, it offers an eclectic mix of old and new properties—all promising an amazing investment for anyone who would like to own a piece of this paradise.

Of course, this community has all the amenities that you would expect from a small, but modern, beachside town.


If you’re into shopping, you can head to Central Square on Quincy Circle where you can find local specialty shops like Hooch’s & Holleys, local art galleries, eateries, and boutiques. You can also shop at Cinderella Circle, which provides great views over the Gulf of Mexico.


Seagrove Beach is a small community that is best explored by walking or biking. Its streets are calm and peaceful, so you can easily stroll around town. There is a popular bike rental shop along Highway 30A, where you can get a bicycle for a price of $20 to $30 per day. There are also bikes for kids.

If you’re bringing an elderly loved one along, the shop also has heavy-duty wheelchairs for $50 a day that will be delivered right to your guest homes and picked up after use.


Seagrove Beach has an array of restaurants that offer a fine dining experience, but the most popular place here would be Café 30A. This restaurant offers American classics, like pan-seared scallops and fried green tomatoes. It also uses local ingredients in their meals, which is why its menu changes daily based on what’s available.

Café 30A also has a bar upstairs if you want to grab some drinks. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the bar holds what they call the “Tini” nights where you can enjoy their martinis for just $5.

Seagrove Beach Property Prices

Seagrove Beach is a unique place to invest in a property because it’s located in an old community where streets are covered with hickory and oak trees. It also has a combination of modern and traditional beach homes. CH McGhee developed this community in the 1930s, and it is often described as the place where “Mother Nature did her best.”

Like most beachside communities, you can expect to pay a premium for real estate in Seagrove Beach. But because it’s a mix of old and new properties, it’s still easy to find a residential or short-term rental home that is within your budget.

When choosing a property to purchase, you have to think about the type of guests you want to rent it out to. If you’re targeting budget-conscious families who wouldn’t mind the type of homes they will be staying in as long as they are close to the beach, then you can go for a small, classic-style beach house.

But if you’re targeting the luxurious travelers, then you should invest in a luxury modern-style property in one of the exclusive parts of Seagrove Beach. There are so many to choose from, anyway. And, if you do your research properly, you will end up with some amazing listings to choose from.

Why Buy a Property in Seagrove

Seagrove Beach

Investing in a property in Seagrove Beach is like having free vacations for many years. Owning a house in this beautiful beach community means that you can head to other areas in Florida anytime you want and just enjoy its lifestyle for a few weeks without worrying about rent.

When you’re not in town, you can rent out your property to other travelers so you can earn some passive income. A lot of vacationers flock to Seagrove Beach all year round, so you can expect to have people looking for properties regularly. The most ideal properties that would get regular bookings for most of a year are those in key locations, such as Rosemary Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, and Watercolor Beach.

Seagrove Beach is also considered a perfect retirement community because of its laidback lifestyle. So, when you retire, you can move to your vacation home here and enjoy a more fruitful life by the beach!

Buy the Best Seagrove Beach Real Estate

Now that you’re ready to invest in your own piece of paradise in Seagrove Beach, choose an experienced team of agents, like The Short Term Shop, to make finding the right property in this community a lot easier.

With in-depth knowledge of the place and its surrounding areas, we also have the best Seagrove Beach FL real estate listings. All you need to do is pay attention to your requirements in evaluating your options and let us guide you through the entire home-buying process to make your experience as smooth as possible.

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