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Homes for Sale in Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

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Moving to a new home is always a big life decision. It can cause huge amounts of stress but at the same time, be very exciting.

Here at The Short-Term Shop, we understand the difficulties of purchasing a new home. Whether you are a first-time buyer or own an extensive property portfolio, we can help you to purchase your new home with ease.

When buying any property, it’s wise to seek the support and help of those in the know. We can support you in your purchase of any home in the Smoky Mountains region.

We can support you throughout the process from finding the perfect home to getting pre-qualified for a load to finding a moving company for your stuff.

Right now, it’s a great time to buy property in the Smoky Mountain area. There are some excellent deals to be found, and we can help you find them.

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How to Buy a Home & Short Term Property in the Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

Here at The Short Term Shop, we know everything there is to know about Smoky Mountain real estate. We have a wealth of experience in providing buyers with great deals on their new homes or properties.

Searching For Property In The Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

Using the Short Term Shop website, you can search through the current properties on the Smoky Mountain market.

Use the “Property Search” function on the menu to start searching for your dream home.

Take a look at the properties available using the map or listing. Click the ones you like to discover more details about the property.

Sevierville Tennessee Landscape
You will find information on the:
  • County
  • Block
  • Specific location
  • Directions
  • MLS area
  • Interior features
  • Exterior features
  • Property type
  • Year of build
  • HOA fee

Use the filters at the top to help narrow down your search by minimum and maximum price, the number of beds, and the number of baths. This way, you can quickly find properties in your price range in the desired county, which can accommodate your specific needs.

Once you have filtered the properties, you can then use the sort tab to sort the list by:
  • Price (High to Low)
  • Price (Low to High)
  • Status
  • City
  • Listing Date
  • Type/Price Descending
  • Listing Number
  • Open Home Date Ascending

Now, you should have a specific list of available properties that suit your needs. Feel free to browse each property. Read the description thoroughly and check out the high-res images provided.

Once you get a feel for one or a few properties, get in contact with our team on 800.898.1498 or email us at [email protected] Tell us what properties you’re interested in using the listing number found on each listing.

Our team will discuss the properties with you, offer their expert advice, organize a viewing and/or meeting. We’re here to help you buy your perfect Smoky Mountain real estate every step of the way.

The Importance of the Buyers Agent

Why use The Short Term Shop? True, there are many ways to buy real estate nowadays. However, some methods are safer and easier than others. When you use a buyers agent, you are choosing the most reliable way to buy a property.

We are set up as a business in a way that can help you effectively and quickly. It costs nothing to use a buyer’s agent, all fees are paid in the form of commission by the sellers of the properties.

It’s within our best interest to find you the home that you will love. We can ensure that all your needs and wants are prioritized and negotiated successfully. As a buyer’s agent, we are clued up on all the legal pitfalls and documentation that can be a nightmare to handle by yourself.

Avery Carl

If you’re not familiar with the purchasing of property, it helps to have experts to guide you through the process. We can protect you and your interests all the way. Whether you’re looking for property in Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg, we know the ins and outs of purchasing Smoky Mountain real estate.

What Does a Buyers Agent Actually Do?

We represent YOU, the buyer. We work tirelessly to find you the best home for you and your family and help make the purchasing process as simple as possible. We understand that buying a home is a stressful situation, we’re here to ease that stress and make the whole process enjoyable and exciting.

We’re also very skilled at getting a feel for each individual buyer. We get to know who you are, your desires, and your needs. This better helps us to find you the best property and deal that is unique to you. We combine our experience, expertise, and knowledge of you to deliver the best service for you.

We are not in the business of pushing any property. We want to find the perfect property that we know you will enjoy living in. To do this, we work tirelessly with property owners to get you the RIGHT deal for you, not just the best deal.

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We understand that your time is important, just like ours. So, we work efficiently and effectively to find you your new home. From the initial email or call, we are by your side and will give you updates only on properties and information that interests you. We can work around your schedule and work in a way that suits you best.

Once we discover “The One” together, we will handle all aspects of the contract and ensure that your interests are always protected. We can organize local inspectors, find the best quotes, and help to arrange any actions that are produced by the inspection. We can negotiate terms of repairs with the agent/sellers on your behalf.

Only once we have all agreed on the best deal for you, we will organize a closing with the mortgage broker or bank so that everything is handled correctly and ensure it aligns with the sale contract and terms of sale.

The Short Term Shop process for buying property has been designed to be as stress-free and as enjoyable as possible. We want our customers to move into their new home in a positive and optimistic state of mind.

Using a buyer’s agent like us is simple. Tell us about yourself, what you’re looking for, and your budget using our email address at [email protected] or calling us at +1.800.898.1498.

Facts About the Smoky Mountains You Should Know

The Smoky Mountains is a truly beautiful area of the United States of America. It’s no wonder this place is a popular area for property investment. Before you decide to move to the Smoky Mountains, here are facts you should know about the area:

  • The Smoky Mountains is a truly beautiful area of the United States of America. It’s no wonder this place is a popular area for property investment. Before you decide to move to the Smoky Mountains, here are facts you should know about the area:
  • In 2019, ranked Pigeon Ford as number 1 in its list of “Best Places to Buy.” They ranked Gatlinburg as number 2!
  • Evolve Vacation Rental named Gatlinburg number 3 on its list for “2020: The 10 Best Places to Buy a Vacation Rental”.
  • In 2019, CNBC named Sevierville, Tennessee, as number one in their list of “10 best places to invest” in the USA.
  • The Smoky Mountains is considered a top area for short-term rentals due to its friendly short-term rental regulations, a four-season market, and a five-hour drive from several major cities.
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Are You Ready to Invest in Property in the Smoky Mountains? If so, contact us today using the email [email protected] or by calling us at +1.800.898.1498.

One of our property experts will be thrilled to help you and start your journey to buying your new home in the Smoky Mountains.

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