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Seaside Short Term Rental Real Estate

Seaside Short Term Rental Real Estate

Hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to the cozy beach town of Seaside each year. The clear blue sea, pristine white sand beaches, and blue skies all lend themselves to luxury and relaxation. Attaining a Seaside short term rental is a lofty and impressive investment goal that few are able to achieve.

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Seaside luxury property

What better place for your seaside vacation rentals than a town aptly named Seaside, located on the beautiful Emerald Coast of Florida? This unincorporated master-planned community is located in Walton County, in the Florida panhandle, between Destin and Panama City Beach, and is a vacation destination that caters to travelers looking for a luxury vacation. This community, along with its white sand beaches, offers sweeping views of the Gulf of Mexico’s turquoise waters.

Seaside is one of the first American communities designed according to the principles of New Urbanism, and is a topic of lectures in housing-industry magazines and in architectural schools. Design professionals from all over the US visit Seaside to study the infrastructure, architecture, and design of this quaint beach town.

On a map, you’ll see that this community is located on the Gulf of Mexico, along County Road 30A. By means of County Road 30A, Rosemary Beach is 8 miles to the east, and Miramar Beach is 16 miles to the west (by way of County Road 30A through to US 98), and Seagrove beach is located just east of Seaside via County Road 30A.

The closeness of Seaside to various beaches, coupled with the absence of large scale commercialization, make it a vacation spot unlike any in the world. The beauty of its beaches, small town feel, and the countless things to see and do make it one of the most visited areas in the United States. If you have always wanted to escape to a beach vacation, then this is the ultimate vacation spot for you and it is open all year round.

How to Buy a Short Term Rental Property in Seaside, FL

There are a variety of home styles to choose from in Seaside. Large luxury beach front villas, cozy upscale condos, swanky townhomes, and old-Florida style beach homes tucked away in the Live Oak trees on quiet streets behind the town square.

In any case, you’ll need to set your budget and property size requirements before you begin your property search. Seaside is not a location for a first time short term rental investor, properties are expensive, and you’ll need a bit of short term rental experience before jumping into such an undertaking.

Choose your location

If you’re looking for a rental property or vacation homes near one of North America’s most beautiful beaches, then you can’t go wrong with a property in Seaside. While almost all of the properties are walking distance to the beach, a great majority of them will also offer a beautiful view of the beach as well.

Seaside luxury property

Being close to the beach offers an impressive selection of water activities. You will also be close to various lively bars, a variety of restaurants, and other fun activities.

Set Your Budget

Purchasing a vacation rental is a very exciting experience. However, an important piece of advice when getting a new home is to make sure that you set your parameters and stick with them.

Accumulate your down payment, and spend some time speaking with local lenders to determine which one will best fit your needs. Just like buying a residential home, purchasing a short-term rental property will require you to cover monthly costs, including repairs, maintenance, taxes, insurance, property management, and more.

Watch the Market

In any season, vacationing and buying property in Seaside, FL is a wonderful experience. One surefire way to snatch up a great property in this lovely town is to keep a close eye on the market, and be ready to jump as soon as a good property becomes available. The market is very competitive, and you don’t want to let a lucrative property slip through the cracks.

Spend some time researching realtors who are experts in short term rentals. Find a realtor who owns their own short term rentals, and who is experienced in helping investors identify the most profitable properties.

Facts about Seaside, FL 

Although people many may argue that the community’s key selling points are its beaches, the city has various other attractions. Even though this plays a major role and both sightseers and vacationers love it here no matter the season, the community has a few other key attractions. This guarantees that a lot of them at the end of the day decide to check out Seaside vacation rentals for their yet to come vacations.

Below are listed some of this community's interesting facts

Seaside has three Public Greens

The developers of Seaside spent a great deal of time deliberating the significance of adding public green spaces for residents and visitors to enjoy. In Seaside, you will discover three public greens: Ruskin Place, the Amphitheater, and the Lyceum.

Ruskin Place is an enchanting, quiet park bounded by local galleries and boutiques just to the north of Central Square. It’s a picture-perfect place to lay out a blanket to have an afternoon picnic or relax in the shade of a tree and dive into a good book.

Seaside property

Seaside Amphitheater is situated near the shore and has a year-round agenda of events like movie screenings and live music. You can carry along a blanket or lawn chair to enjoy an open-air concert. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights typically offer the best entertainment, but you can check the calendar online to see what’s going on throughout the week as well.

Modeled after Thomas Jefferson’s University of Virginia academic village, the Lyceum presents an uncluttered green lawn, surrounded by stunning white buildings. The buildings all face each other and are organized around the central heart of the open lawn. It’s frequently used as a venue for public and private events like fundraisers, weddings, or local group events.

The Truman Show was filmed in Seaside

Seaside was the picture-perfect setting for the Hollywood, idyllic town that was featured in the movie The Truman Show, starring Jim Carey. The white picket fences and storybook cottages in this community made for the perfect setting.

Audiences who assumed the town in the film was a set construction were wrong, as the town is as real as they come, and anyone can visit year round. They shot the movie on location, making Seaside one of the most identifiable beach towns in the world.

The best way to visit is to rent a vacation home.

Stopping by Seaside for an afternoon is not enough to take in all that Seaside has to offer. To get a full, immersive experience, rent a luxury vacation home or a beach house in Seaside for a few days. Some vacation rentals even include bicycles enabling you to scurry around town the way the locals do. The adorable cottages along 30A are the perfect place to enjoy family fun or create romantic memories with loved ones. Visit the splendid beaches and get a perception of the unpretentious and laid back way of life in Seaside.

Most Common FAQs on Buying Vacation Rental Properties in Seaside, FL

Short term vacation rentals for travelers offer a big business opportunity in Seaside. You’ll need to sort out the demands of the property rental industry in order to save you from any possible mishaps. Know what are the frequently asked questions of most aspiring vacation rental owners in Seaside.

How much should money should I save?

A budget should always be the first item on any checklist when looking at vacation rentals or an investment property. Investment properties most of the time, require a larger down payment when compared to primary residences.

They also have a more rigorous set of requirements that a borrower must meet in order to be approved for financing. An aspiring vacation rental owner should be prepared to make a 20% down payment in order to purchase a short term rental investment.

Single-family home vs condominium unit

Deciding what sort of seaside vacation property to buy is a key component of the planning stage of a vacation rental business. Personal preferences of square footage, how many guests it can accommodate, and several other factors are considered in this planning stage.

If you want to accommodate smaller parties, invest in a condominium that offers just one or two bedrooms. Purchasing a beach house, on the other hand, allows you to welcome larger parties. Sleeping occupancy is the largest driver of income, so the higher the number of bedrooms, the higher the gross income will be.

Determine the Best Short Term Rental Property in Seaside, FL

If you are looking to be a part of the short term rental investment industry, then Seaside is a dream vacation place to consider. With millions of visitors annually coming to experience its beach and architectural character, you can count on always filling beds and rarely having to worry about attracting guests.

Numerous building styles can be found in and near Seaside including small cottages, large beach estates, and condominiums. No matter your preference, you are sure to find a suitable property here in Seaside.

However, choosing the best home among the selection of Seaside homes for sale can be overwhelming. You can avoid headaches and time wasting with our help. We work exclusively with short term rental investors, and we help you analyze potential income as well as train you to manage your property remotely so that you don’t have to hand over a large portion of your income to a property manager.

We have a team of realtors who are always ready to provide knowledgeable guidance that will help guide you through this journey seamlessly. It does not matter what kind of property or lot size you prefer, trust us to help you find the most ideal vacation rental property for you. Schedule a consultation with us and start your journey!

Avery Carl

Avery Carl

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