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Listen Up! The 5 Best Real Estate Investing Podcasts

Listen Up! The 5 Best Real Estate Investing Podcasts

In recent years, podcasts have become THE digital sensation across the United States, as more and more people (about six in ten) tune in to their favorite shows to keep up with the news, learn something new, and improve their business skills.

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While the overwhelming majority of popular podcasts today tend to revolve around entertainment, there is certainly a growing audience for more self-improvement and productivity-focused content, including shows that give plenty of precious advice on business management and investing.

Now, if you're a new or aspiring real estate investor, you've probably already consumed your fair share of real estate investing content, whether it's informative blogs, YouTube videos, or bite-sized social media tips.

That's where most of us start these days!

But if you're yet to dive into the world of real estate podcasts, you'll be surprised at just how much content there is for new investors. There is so much that finding the right show to meet your needs can turn out to be quite the challenge.

So, what are the top real estate investing podcasts you should listen to if you want to improve your real estate business, grow your portfolio, and walk the right path as a real estate investor?

Keep reading to get a breakdown of our best picks, chosen among the very best that the real estate industry has to offer!

The Must-Listen Real Estate Podcasts of the Year

When looking at the most popular real estate podcasts, the first thing you might notice is the sheer diversity of the topics covered. They range from the basics of investing in real estate to more niche topics like short-term rental investments and remote management.

The backgrounds and experiences of show hosts are just as varied as well, so new investors will have plenty of time to familiarize themselves with the format they enjoy the most.

Podcasts are not only an incredibly engaging medium for learning the best tips and tricks of the trade but they're also the easiest way to retain important information without any added stress.

You can stop an episode anytime to jot down a piece of advice or information that you feel will be valuable to your work. You can also listen to your favorite show virtually anywhere, without having to sit down and focus in the same way you would when reading a book or an article.

All in all, exploring some of the best-rated real estate podcasts can be an incredibly efficient way of growing your real estate investing business, without feeling like you're doing any of the hard work.

So, what are the best real estate podcasts you should make sure to tune in to during your next commute?

The Short Term Show with Avery Carl

Avery Carl Podcast

The Short-Term Shop's very own Avery Carl is the host of The Short Term Show, the top real estate investing podcast for new investors looking to break into the short-term rental investing market.

Avery's podcast is just as much about short-term rentals as it is about creating long-term wealth: Investing in vacation rentals is a foolproof strategy for generating sustainable passive income, and Avery's enviable experience in the industry comes with all the tips you'd ever need to create a successful short-term rental business!

Rated a whopping 5 stars on Apple Podcasts, The Short Term Show features plenty of influential real estate investors as episode guests, highlighting the most inspiring success stories you can find in the short-term rental market. You'll find plenty of information on how a complete beginner can start their real estate business from nothing and make a fortune through short-term real estate investing, as well as how you can find your perfect niche and market your properties like a pro.

The Short Term Show has been on the air for just a few months, and it has already amassed a loyal following, growing in popularity with each new episode — you can look forward to hearing advice from some of the biggest names in the industry, including Brandon Hall and Yonah Weiss!

If you're looking to learn all that there is to be known about short-term rental investing, look no further than Avery Carl's incredible podcast!

BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

Bigger Pockets PodcastBigger Pockets has been a big name within the real estate industry for many years, and the Bigger Pockets Real Estate Podcast, hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene, is one of the most popular shows for real estate professionals to tune into.

The podcast follows a more loose format compared to other similar shows, so much so that you'll feel just like you're sitting down with a drink and having a casual conversation with real estate experts rather than just listening to gurus sharing their opinions.

The hosts are known for sharing their failures and successes as real estate investors in a fun, conversational tone, and their numerous guests provide a diverse range of voices and experiences you can use to improve your own business.

If you want to learn new real estate investment strategies to grow your portfolio and income, discover new niches, and gain plenty of inspiration from some of the most experienced professionals in the industry, give this podcast a listen!

The Real Estate Guys Radio

The Real Estate Guys PodcastFirst launched as far back as 1997, The Real Estate Guys are the go-to real estate podcast for more experienced investors, as hosts Robert Helms and Russell Gray tend to tackle topics that you likely won't hear anywhere else.

Now one of the most popular real estate podcasts on iTunes, this show is entertainingly fast-paced and incredibly informative at the same time, exploring the world of real estate through the eyes of finance and economic trends.

Tuning in is a great way to keep up with the latest real estate market trends as well as to gain a deeper understanding of macroeconomics and how they affect your investment opportunities — you will be entertained all the way through!

The Best Ever Show

Best Real Estate Investing AdviceHosted by Joe Fairless and holding the title for the longest-running real estate investing podcast, The Best Ever Show is a great resource for learning the ropes of passive real estate investing.

You can tune in every day for short daily episodes and get precious insights from the host who interviews some of the leading professionals in apartment syndication and other passive investing opportunities.

The tone and pacing of the show are generally more straightforward than other podcasts in this list, as Joe Fairless aims to give concrete answers to concrete problems, whether the episode is dealing with management solutions, scaling strategies, or FAQs on the latest news in the market.

If you're looking to gain knowledge without any of the fluff, The Best Ever Show definitely lives up to its name!

Real Estate Today Radio

Real Estate Today Podcast

Finally, we have Real Estate Today, the podcast show created by the National Association of Realtors. This is the ideal choice of podcast if you're looking to keep up with the latest news and trends in the real estate industry.

The show covers everything from property values to local market trends, giving plenty of straightforward insights to new and aspiring real estate investors. This is thanks to the wide range of topics and the informative, professional manner they are presented in.

Here you'll learn the basics of real estate investing, from how to price your properties right to how to evaluate good investment opportunities according to the current market.

It's definitely a must-listen for all investors looking to dive into the industry full-force and with plenty of knowledge, so they can make each real estate investment opportunity the most successful it can be!

Unlock Your Real Estate Investing Potential

So, are you ready to give these shows a listen and learn more about how you can make real estate investing into a profitable career?

If you're looking to dive into one of the most profitable and sustainable markets in the industry, investing in short-term rentals or vacation rentals can be your ticket to success — and there's no better place to get all the information you're going to need than giving our podcast a listen or browsing our latest investment opportunities!

Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to grow your existing portfolio within a profitable niche, we are here to provide advice, opportunities, and timely insights.

Get in touch today to learn more!

Avery Carl

Avery Carl

Avery Carl was named one of Wall Street Journal’s Top 100 and Newsweek’s Top 500 agents in 2020. She and her team at The Short Term Shop focus exclusively on Vacation Rental and Short Term Rental Clients, having closed well over 1 billion dollars in real estate sales. Avery has sold over $300 million in Short Term/Vacation Rentals since 2017. An investor herself, with a portfolio of over 100 Doors, Avery specializes in connecting investors with short term rentals with the highest ROI potential, and then training them to manage their short term rental from their smart phone from anywhere in the world.

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