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Top Free Short-Term Rental Management Software

Top Free Short-Term Rental Management Software

The short-term rental business is one of the most challenging real estate markets to navigate through.  For investors and managers navigating this competitive landscape, leveraging the right technological tools to streamline their businesses is pivotal. 

Short-term rental management software (not to be confused with rental management software) serves as a basis for the operational framework of any modern short-term rental/vacation business. These tools stand as essential assets for investors and managers aiming to optimize their rental properties’ performance. 

The hurdles that short-term rental management software addresses include managing frequent bookings, ensuring seamless communication with guests, and maintaining high-quality property standards. Effective software not only simplifies these tasks but also enhances the overall efficiency of managing short-term rentals.

For short-term rental investors, this automation translates into more efficient operations, allowing for a focus on growth and scalability. Moreover, the right software can yield insightful analytics, offering a deeper understanding of rental performance, guest preferences, and market trends. These insights are invaluable in making informed decisions that drive profitability and ensure a competitive edge in the bustling short-term rental market.

Are you a short-term rental/ vacation property investor? Do you need guidance is streamlining your business and how to improve your ROIs? The Short Term Shop are property agents that exclusively deal with short-term rental properties. We help investors sell, purchase, and manage rental properties. 

The Best Short-Term Rental Management Software


Hostaway is recognized as a robust and scalable rental management solution, tailored for owners and managers of short-term rental properties. Its emphasis on integration and automation makes it highly efficient for managing multiple listings.

Key Features:

  • Extensive channel manager to synchronize listings across various platforms.
  • Dynamic pricing tools for revenue optimization.
  • Centralized reservation system and guest communication portal.
  • Detailed reporting for performance analysis and financial tracking.
  • Integration with leading services and apps in the rental industry.


Lodgify offers a unique combination of website builder and rental management functionalities, ideal for short-term rental property investments. It enables owners to create a customizable online presence while managing their rentals effectively.

Key Features:

  •   User-friendly website builder with direct booking features.
  •   Multi-calendar synchronization for hassle-free booking management.
  •   Automated communication templates for guest interactions.
  •   Payment processing capabilities.
  •   Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools for increased online visibility.


Guesty is an all-in-one rental management platform that provides comprehensive tools to streamline operations for short-term rental properties. It is particularly adept at handling high-volume operations with efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Multi-platform booking management.
  • Automated messaging and unified inbox for guest communication.
  • Mobile app for remote management.
  • Customizable reporting for data-driven decision-making.
  • Integration with third-party tools for extended functionality.


IGMS (formerly iGMS) is designed to automate and simplify the management of short-term rental properties. It focuses on enhancing guest experience and operational efficiency, particularly for Airbnb and VRBO listings.

Key Features:

  • Smart tools for managing bookings and calendar synchronization.
  • Automated guest messaging and review management.
  • Team management features for coordinated operations.
  • Financial reporting tools for tracking earnings and expenses.
  • Integrations with leading rental services for expanded capabilities.


Smoobu is a user-friendly rental management software that emphasizes simplicity and efficiency. It is suitable for small to medium-sized portfolios of short-term rental property investments.

Key Features:

  • Seamless integration with major booking platforms.
  • Easy-to-use central dashboard for all rental operations.
  • Direct booking website builder.
  • Payment processing and invoicing system.
  • Performance analytics and reporting tools.


Hostfully is known for its comprehensive property management capabilities, focusing on enhancing guest experience and streamlining operational tasks in short-term rental property management.

Key Features:

  • Detailed property management guides for guests.
  • Centralized calendar and booking management.
  • Integrated messaging system for effective communication.
  • Maintenance tracking and operational task management.
  • Data-driven insights and performance reporting.

Rent Manager Property Management Software

Rent Manager is a versatile software solution, offering a wide array of features that cater to both residential and short-term rental properties. It is known for its customizability and comprehensive property management functions.

Key Features:

  • Customizable accounting system tailored for rental businesses.
  • Integrated leasing and tenant screening capabilities.
  • Work order and maintenance management system.
  • CRM for managing tenant and owner relationships.
  • Extensive reporting and analytics tools.

How Short-Term Rental Management Software Helps Owners and Investors Manage Their Properties

Enhancing Efficiency in Property Management

  • Streamlining Operations

Short-term rental management software significantly streamlines day-to-day operations. It automates routine tasks such as booking, payment processing, and schedule management. This automation allows owners and investors to focus on strategic aspects of their short-term rental property investments, rather than getting bogged down in administrative details.

  • Centralized Data Management

One key advantage of using such software is centralized data management. All information related to properties, including bookings, financials, and client communication, is stored in one place. This integration ensures easy access and efficient management, which is crucial for owners managing multiple properties.

Optimizing Financial Performance

  • Dynamic Pricing Tools

These software solutions often include dynamic pricing tools that adjust rental rates in real time based on market demand and other variables. This feature ensures that owners and investors maximize their revenue potential from their short-term rental property investments.

  • Detailed Financial Reporting

Accurate and comprehensive financial reporting is critical for effective property management. Rental management software provides detailed insights into income, expenses, and overall financial health, enabling informed decision-making.

Enhancing Guest Experience

  • Streamlined Booking and Communication

The software simplifies the booking process and enhances guest communication. A streamlined booking system paired with automated and personalized communication improves the overall guest experience, leading to higher satisfaction and repeat bookings.

  • Efficient Problem Resolution

With features like maintenance request tracking and real-time notifications, issues can be addressed promptly. This responsiveness not only protects the property but also ensures guest satisfaction, a critical factor in the success of short-term rental properties.

Legal Compliance and Risk Management

  • Adherence to Regulations

Rental management software helps in ensuring compliance with local regulations. By keeping track of legal requirements and facilitating compliance through its features, these tools mitigate the risk of legal complications for property owners.

  • Enhanced Security Measures

Security is paramount in property management. Software solutions offer secure payment gateways and data protection measures, ensuring both the owner’s and guests’ information remains protected.

Invest in Short-Term Rental Properties With The Short Term Shop

The Short Term Shop is made up of property agents that exclusively deal with short-term rental and vacation properties. If you are looking at getting into the short-term rental business, The Short Term Shop has an exclusive listing of properties with great ROIs.

Our dedicated team helps real estate investors buy, sell, and manage short-term rental properties. We provide our investment partners with the knowledge and insight of how to navigate the ever-competitive market. For more information about the short-term rental business, contact one of our short-term rental property agents today

Frequently Asked Questions About Short-Term Rental Management Software

The pricing for Hostaway varies based on the number of properties managed and the specific features required. Hostaway offers customized pricing rather than a fixed monthly rate. It is advisable to contact Hostaway directly or visit their website for the most current pricing information tailored to your specific requirements.

Lodgify is primarily used for creating customizable websites for rental properties with an integrated booking system. It allows property owners to manage reservations, synchronize bookings across various platforms like Airbnb and, and process payments. Lodgify is particularly beneficial for owners looking to increase direct bookings and manage their properties' online presence.

Software similar to Lodgify includes Wix Hotels, which also offers website building with integrated booking systems, and MyVR, known for its marketing and operational tools alongside website management. These alternatives provide similar functionalities like direct booking capabilities, calendar synchronization, and payment processing.

Lodgify works with Airbnb through channel management integration. It synchronizes bookings made on Airbnb with the Lodgify calendar, ensuring real-time updates and avoiding double bookings. Additionally, Lodgify allows users to manage Airbnb listings directly from its platform, streamlining the management of reservations and guest communication.

Software used to link Vrbo and Airbnb includes channel managers like iGMS, Guesty, and Syncbnb. These tools integrate multiple booking platforms, synchronizing calendars and reservations across different sites. This integration ensures seamless management of listings and availability on both Vrbo and Airbnb.

Investing in short-term rentals involves several key steps: researching desirable locations, understanding the local rental market and regulations, securing financing, purchasing a property, and setting it up for guests.

It's crucial to also consider the role of marketing and property management, for which rental management software can be invaluable. Consulting with real estate and financial experts is advisable to make well-informed investment decisions.

A good ROI (Return on Investment) for short-term rental properties varies based on location, property type, and management efficiency. Generally, an ROI of 8% to 12% is considered good, but this can be higher in prime locations with strong tourist demand. It's important to factor in expenses like maintenance, taxes, and management costs when calculating ROI.

Avery Carl

Avery Carl

Avery Carl was named one of Wall Street Journal’s Top 100 and Newsweek’s Top 500 agents in 2020. She and her team at The Short Term Shop focus exclusively on Vacation Rental and Short Term Rental Clients, having closed well over 1 billion dollars in real estate sales. Avery has sold over $300 million in Short Term/Vacation Rentals since 2017. An investor herself, with a portfolio of over 100 Doors, Avery specializes in connecting investors with short term rentals with the highest ROI potential, and then training them to manage their short term rental from their smart phone from anywhere in the world.

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