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10 Airbnb Alternative Rentals You Absolutely Need to Check Out!

10 Airbnb Alternative Rentals You Absolutely Need to Check Out!

With over 4 million hosts in over 190 countries, Airbnb has become a verified titan in the short-term and vacation rental industry. But what if you're looking for something new? With increasing fees, heavy booking, and diminishing hospitality, Airbnb may not always be the ideal choice for investors.

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Fortunately, if you're an investor or property owner, there are many premier properties and vacation rentals for home lifestyles and living. Are you seeking apartment rentals that you can easily list? How about other sites like Airbnb that aren't as competitive or saturated but provide numerous accommodation options for your guests?

Find the Perfect Short Term and Vacation Rental Sites For You

If you're a real estate investor seeking alternatives to Airbnb that can produce strong, predictable income, you have options. Want to present every vacationer a perfect vacation home with all the right rental details? With marketable amenities, location, price, and fees?

Are you looking for a goldmine of vacationers to tap into, guests looking for a convenient place with instant booking? At The Short-Term Shop, you can easily connect with experts on the hottest short-term rentals.

Want to list your newly purchased property on a top Airbnb competitor? No matter what you seek, the following Airbnb alternatives can meet your investment needs.

Here are the 10 best Airbnb alternatives for investors in 2023.

Vrbo: Airbnb's Biggest Competitor for Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rentals by Owner (Vrbo) is the second most popular among vacation rental sites today. Older than Airbnb by over a decade, Vrbo does not offer 'hosted' properties per se. Rather, Vrbo investors and property owners list their investments as vacation rental properties.

Pros of Using Vrbo for a Vacation Rental

Although the site initially did not charge any guest fee or booking fee, these costs are now standard today. That said, a vacation property through Vrbo is typically less expensive than through Airbnb. Investors typically rent these properties to families and larger groups, providing ample space as far as square footage and acreage.

As Airbnb's top competitor, Vrbo is also known for its greater level of service and professionalism, which is ideal for investors looking to establish a niche in the industry. Property owners listing on Vrbo are often trying to make a living (not just a side income). As a result, both tenants and investors can trust that Vrbo raises the bar when it comes to vacation rental services.

Cons of Using Vrbo for a Vacation Rental

Unlike Airbnb, the website itself is a little clunky and disorganized. Although still a great Airbnb alternative, Vrbo is not the ideal place for property owners interested in short-term rentals or weekend rentals that are not vacation oriented. It is not the best Airbnb-style alternative for property owners who prefer couples and individuals as their guests.

For investors seeking to rent to larger parties, Vrbo is well-suited. A top choice for your guests' next vacation!

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Forget Airbnb! List Premier Properties on the Plum Guide

The Plume Guide is a highly selective listing service and rental company like Airbnb, except for one crucial difference: selectivity. Vetting and accepting under five percent of applicants, the Plum Guide wants the best properties from the best property owners possible.

Architecture Render External

Benefits of The Plum Guide for Property Owners

The high-quality properties and stringent application criteria guarantee that this is one of the best Airbnb alternatives for luxury villas, vacation homes, and short-term rentals. Property owners also enjoy the added benefit of 'making the grade' and having their properties associated with one of the world's premier vacation rental companies.

From big cities to remote sanctuaries on the beach or tucked away in snowy mountains, every property listed is guaranteed to be a desirable location for someone. You can easily find repeat guests who specifically crave your style of accommodation.

Customer service is also highly touted, making it easy for investors to address guest needs without being constantly involved. Whether you're a traveler or a vacation home investor, Plum Guide is arguably the best Airbnb alternative for your needs.

Downsides of The Plum Guide for Property Owners

Like with any Airbnb alternatives that are selective, the downside is also the upside. For property investors and property owners, it may be difficult to get your place listed. Moreover, solo travelers and budget travelers seeking inexpensive lodging may have a difficult time with the Plum Guide. As a result, investors may not find the volume of guests they would otherwise on more mainstream platforms.

Overall, the Plum Guide has fewer options than other short-term rental sites because of its exclusivity. If your property gets approved for a listing, this Airbnb-style alternative requires that you pay a one-time fee for membership. You will also pay commissions for each booking.

Nonetheless, the Plum Guide is the go-to for fine luxury villas, beautiful retreats, sprawling estates, and concierge-level amenities. Any investor with top-tier property should consider listing rentals through this upscale vacation rental program/company.

A Home-Away-From-Home with Homestay's Airbnb Alternatives

If you're a hands-on property investor who enjoys providing an authentic homestay experience, in a residence or dwelling where you actually live, Homestay should be on your list of best Airbnb alternatives. With Homestay, you provide the full 'hospitable host' experience, from local flavor to honest expressions of culture and tradition.

Whereas some Airbnb competitors may feel detached and uninspired, Homestay can provide a genuinely immersive and enlivening experience that guests love. But only if you, the investor, are willing to provide it!

If you don't, you may quickly develop a less-than-desirable reputation on the platform.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Booking a Homestay Vacation Rental

The best Airbnb alternatives like Homestay create an atmosphere of friendliness, comfort, and companionship that owners can leverage for attracting future guests. Whether quiet solo travelers or outgoing families, guests expect Homestay to be a unique segue into foreign cultures. Thus, it's no surprise this Airbnb competitor is popular in international tourist hotspots like Paris, London, and elsewhere.

Unfortunately, this alternative to Airbnb does have its limitations. Much smaller and lesser known than Airbnb, Homestay sometimes lacks visibility and traction in major U.S. markets. This can be a major problem for real estate owners who don't have international interests in their portfolios.

The Most Host-Friendly of Vacation Rental Sites

Nonetheless, many landlords and property investors find Homestay to be a great Airbnb alternative due to its intimacy. You can really get to know your guests, establishing that rapport and creating a repeat clientele for life. If you don't mind being more hands-on for a somewhat passive income, Homestay is one of the better short-term rental sites.

Oh, and don't forget the complimentary breakfast!

Budget Travelers and Savvy Investors Love TripAdvisor

One of the most popular travel review sites in the world, TripAdvisor is also one of the best Airbnb alternatives for hotel rooms, secret deals, shared spaces, and planning that next vacation. When not scrolling through thousands of reviews for figuring out their next getaway, guests can quickly locate your property listing.

There are nearly a million TripAdvisor vacation rentals across all corners of the globe!

When it comes to Airbnb competitors, TripAdvisor definitely gives you flexibility in listing your accommodation options. Investors can easily sign up to list a property.

Just provide the rental details, personal information, and other relevant info, and be on your way!

What to Know About Airbnb Alternatives Like TripAdvisor

Like Airbnb, TripAdvisor provides a wide variety of property options. However, this can get a little overwhelming and saturated. If you're a property investor, you may live and die by TripAdvisor reviews. If you don't market your property right, your listing may stagnate or fade into obscurity entirely.

However, if you're hip to internet search results and filters, you can find a very profitable niche. From renters needing a single private room to families seeking the best price on hotels and houses for instant booking, you have endless opportunities for finding vacationers.

Property Investors Can Have Many Income Sources with TripAdvisor

Want an investment property right along the sun-swept coast? Or how about a low-cost, high-quality location in the tranquil countryside? There are many properties you can purchase in beautiful, undiscovered communities.

Cabin Log Mountains

Whether you end up buying Pigeon Forge houses for sale high in the mountains or purchasing an investment property in a populated metro area known for sustainable tourism, you can always list your rental on TripAdvisor. One of many sites like Airbnb, TripAdvisor can be more than accommodating for renters and investors alike.

List Vacation Rentals in Lively Tourists Areas with Flipkey

Flipkey is one of the great services if you're seeking Airbnb alternatives that accommodate renting to large groups. International and a subsidiary of TripAdvisor, Flipkey is ideal for family gatherings, big entourages, and multiple acquaintances who don't mind shared spaces.

Of course, with many of the Flipkey bookings, your guests won't have to share too many spaces. Seeing as the service rents vacation properties that are quite large, you will primarily be catering to groups of five or more people.

Flipkey is one of the few short-term rental sites that provide these options.

Unlike Other Airbnb Competitors, Flipkey is GREAT For Large Groups

Again, not ideal for the solo traveler, Flipkey has become one of the best Airbnb alternatives for renting out spacious upscale homes and estates since its site launched. After all, what sized property type can reliably accommodate half a dozen or more people, other than large ones?

If your guests don't want the intimate, cozy feel of smaller bookings or having a host around to show them the town, they'll consider Flipkey. Given its appeal to oversized parties, Flipkey is a great way to capitalize on any large property investment.

You can even turn your properties into longer-term rentals!

Tap Into the Asian Market with Agoda Homes & Apartments

One of the most successful travel agencies in the Asian market, Agoda is known for its wide range of properties and listings. You can offer guests almost any accommodation type. From prominent hotels to concierge-level amenities at resorts, inexpensive bed-and-breakfasts, or actual houses, Agoda's search results are very owner-friendly.

Your Accommodation Options Just Got Better

The difference between Agoda's home offerings and other Airbnb competitors is that there are no shared spaces. Whether the property type is a house, townhouse, or apartment, you can only rent out the entire unit. Moreover, unlike some of the best Airbnb alternatives, there is limited human interaction. Don't expect to shake your guests' hands or give them a local tour.

Because solo travelers can use a built-in discount of about 10%, investors often choose to rent to more than one guest at a time. Agoda is a great choice for investors who like to provide full-scale apartments and homes, and charge more doing so!

Penthouse New York City

Precise and Competitively Priced Bookings with

Largely known for its booking of motel and hotel rooms, is now entering the vacation and short-term rental market. With fine-tuned and specific search results, your guests can quickly find the perfect apartment or home you've listed.

Regardless of accommodation type, the booking process is the same as it's always been, so you'll barely interact with your guest. The company's website is truly top-notch. With a sleek interface, great search filtering, and a massive volume of properties, is becoming one of the best Airbnb alternatives for both renters and investors.

However, this level of competition can make the prices much cheaper than with any other Airbnb competitor. If you're a property investor, this isn't exactly great news, even though there are a ton of potential guests. You'll face stiff competition, and you can definitely count on at least some potential vacationers seeking 'secret deals.'

If you're interested, you can check it out and sign up quickly online. You'll be charged a fee for every booking.

Turn Rentals into Long Short-Term Rentals with Blueground

Yet another one of the best Airbnb alternatives is a company called Blueground. Although like Airbnb in some ways, Blueground draws its distinction by being one of the few Airbnb alternatives to offer longer-term rentals. We're talking about at least 30 days in an apartment that is completely furnished. If you want to rent out an entire apartment and not just have guests share spaces, Blueground may be right for you.

Although not nearly as large as some property rental firms, Blueground still touts roughly 5,000 apartment properties across the globe, from North America to the Middle East. With limited accommodation options (only apartments), Blueground does ensure your apartment meets a high-quality standard.

One of the Best Airbnb Alternatives for Longer Term Stays

All properties must have internet access, toiletries, and fully stocked kitchens. The interior layouts and furnishings are completely determined by Blueground, so if you're a property investor, you'll have to sacrifice some of your creativity in the process.

That said, companies like Blueground show potential for great growth, given the digital nomad life of many people nowadays, especially young professionals. With easy-to-access long-term rentals for the short-term renter, Blueground is a great choice.

Predictable Vacation Rental Income for Property Investors

Just be prepared for limited accommodation options. Again, Blueground is for apartment long-term rentals, and you can't control the design style. The good news is, Blueground will pay you a fixed monthly income. So, if you don't want to deal with managing tenants or going through guest after guest, Blueground has you covered.

Showcase Luxury and Style with the Fast-Growing Sonder

Does your property provide all the perks and amenities of hotel concierge services without the usual hotel hassles? If so, Sonder takes the cake. With over 5,000 listings in nearly 40 cities, Sonder is the premier private apartment rental company you've been seeking.

Holiday Rental Property

After all, these are exclusive luxury listings we're talking about. No shared spaces, no cramped places. When travelers find your property in the search results, they know it's high-quality.

Apartment Renting with All the Hotel-Style Amenities Your Guests Want

Whether penthouses with panoramic views or premium studios, the limited apartment listings on Sonder come with everything your clientele could want.

Do they need more towels or washcloths? Are they having trouble with appliances or missing certain amenities? Do they simply want recommendations for good meals in the area? With 24/7 concierge service, guests will never be left in the dark. They can just use Sonder's slick app and get everything they want without you ever having to lift a finger.

If you're a property investor of a top-notch apartment, see if you qualify. You could make a pretty penny with Sonder - just remember, while these are great properties, guests still want a fair deal. Don't be surprised if the price point is not quite as high as you'd like.

Enjoy a High-End Airbnb Alternative with Third Home

Forget mediocre hotels, inexpensive lodgings, and cheap listings that fall way short. With Third Home, you can list your finest property at a price that guests can't resist. From sprawling estates to flashy mansions, historic villas, and glossy penthouses, Third Home puts the spotlight on your prime investment.

Just remember, the price tags for a weekend or week of renting can be as crazy affordable as just $200 a night. While this is extremely enticing to guests who want to avoid some overpriced hotel, it can be a major turn-off to investors.

Fortunately, there are conditions to protect your precious property - and there better be! With Third Home, the average value of listed homes is over $2 million.

Provide Easy Access to High-Value Properties

Of course, because your property investment is so valuable, you may be hard-pressed to find guests you can fully trust. Moreover, you may struggle to get your home(s) listed. You must prove that your property is not a primary residence, that it boasts fancy interior features, and that it costs over half a million dollars.

Think you’ve got what it takes? List your premier property with Third Home and provide the high-end booking vacationers crave.

Find the Airbnb Alternative Perfect for Your Needs

Airbnb alternatives provide numerous options for growth, fun, and consistent income. From short-term renters to vacation guests, landlords, property managers, and experienced investors, people from all walks of life enjoy what Airbnb alternatives have to offer.

As an investor, you have many options when marketing and renting out your property. Whether you want to know how to start an Airbnb business, use other Airbnb-like rental strategies, or simply make that sound purchase at the right time, Airbnb-style alternative rentals may be perfect for you.

Want to avoid typical long-term contract terms and conditions, while making a lucrative passive income off of short-term and vacation guests?

Then Airbnb alternatives could be exactly what you need.

Hand Key House Keys

What kind of tenant, renter, or vacationer do you target? Are they looking for luxury homes or inexpensive studios? Do they want a host who is involved and accessible, or do they prefer someone hands-off?

Would you rather have everything done digitally and remotely through a streamlined app?

No matter your preferences, if you want to branch out from the typical Airbnb experience and see what else there is, you can. Connect with some of the most unique and popular short-term rentals, in the hottest vacation markets, today. Don't miss out on a goldmine of opportunity.

Contact the premier short-term rental acquisition company around to discover the best short term rentals in the hottest markets. Send us a message!

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