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The Top Landlord-Friendly States of This Year

When diving into real estate investing for the first time, there are several factors you should consider before making a final decision, especially if you're looking to purchase short-term rentals in the United States. Location is often ...

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Things to Know Before Investing in a Vacation Home

Are you looking to buy a second home in your favorite vacation destination but not sure how to get started? Here are the most important things to know before investing in a vacation home.  What Should I Know Before Investing?  Before ...

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How to Maximize Short-Term Rental Income

It's undeniably been a rocky two years for the short-term rental industry, but even between increasing national restrictions and mounting uncertainty, vacation rentals have found a way to thrive and to continue to make money. Now, this certa...

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How to Invest in Real Estate With $ 10,000

Contrary to popular belief, investing in real estate does not have to be expensive. Whether you have $100,000 to invest or $10,000 it is possible to become a real estate investor.  According to the US Bureau of Economic Analysis, Nation...

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