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Free Templates For Airbnb House Rules

Free Templates For Airbnb House Rules

When you establish clear Airbnb house rules you safeguard your property and ensure a seamless stay for your guests. Airbnb house rules are specific guidelines to remind guests of their responsibilities and expectations during their stay. This sets the tone for a harmonious experience.

Crafting an authoritative yet friendly piece of communication about house rules can be a little challenging for most Airbnb owners and hosts. This is why we have created easily applicable templates that you can use to create yours.

The two templates have been inspired by actual house rules from our short-term rental property owners. The Short-Term Shop helps investors search for, finance, and manage short-term rental properties. Our services include helping investors manage their rental property expenses, picking the right lender for their investment, and calculating ROI on rental property.

So, as you contemplate Airbnb house rules, talk to us about your investment plan and your goals and we'll help you set it up and walk with you in your investment journey.

General Tips Before Drafting Airbnb House Rules

  1. Understand Local Laws and Regulations: Before drafting your set of rules, familiarize yourself with local housing and short-term rental regulations. Ensure your rules comply with these laws to avoid potential legal issues.
  2. Consider Your Property's Unique Features: Every property has its quirks and features. You might have vintage furniture that requires delicate handling or a state-of-the-art home automation system. Tailor your rules to address these unique aspects.
  3. Aim for Clarity and Conciseness: Prioritize clarity when drafting Airbnb house rules. Use simple and straightforward language. Your guests might come from diverse backgrounds, so keep things easily understandable.
  4. Maintain a Respectful Tone: While it's essential to be firm about your rules, ensure you communicate them respectfully. This usually makes guests more receptive and also fosters a positive hosting environment.
  5. Stay Open to Feedback and Adaptation: As you host more guests, you'll gain insights into what works and what might need tweaking. Regularly review and adjust your rules based on feedback and your hosting experiences.

5 Common House Rules to Include in Your Draft

Check-in and Check-out Procedures:

Ensure you clearly define the check-in and check-out times. This helps guests plan their arrival and departure and makes for smooth transitions between bookings. Remind guests of the importance of adhering to these times to avoid the difficulties of managing last-minute changes. Highlight any penalties or additional cleaning fees for late check-outs on your listing page.

Registered vs. Unregistered Guests

Clarify who is allowed in your Airbnb property. Specify the maximum number of registered guests permitted and make a clear rule about unregistered guests. State unequivocally that unregistered guests are not allowed without prior approval. This is important for safety reasons and to avoid undue wear and tear on your property.

Safety and Respect Rules

Highlight the safety rules. Combine this with general house rules like quiet hours to ensure peace for neighbors. It's a good idea to address topics like cigarette butts and whether smoking is permitted. Many Airbnb house rules examples often include a strict no-smoking policy inside the property to prevent potential fire hazards and lingering odors.

Deposits and Fees

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Be transparent about any security deposits, cleaning fees, or other potential charges. Guests understand and appreciate clarity regarding what might cause a deduction from their security deposit. Whether it's damage to the property, missing items, or additional cleaning due to excessive mess, having a clear house rule can protect both Airbnb hosts and guests.

General Etiquette and Conduct

Your Airbnb house should feel like a home to your guests, but they should treat it with respect. Simple courtesies like not wearing shoes indoors to not leaving food out might seem mundane, but they should be highlighted to ensure your property remains in excellent condition for future guests.

Two Easy-to-Use Templates of Airbnb House Rules

A house rules list for Airbnb is legally binding. The rules serve to remind guests of expectations and to prevent misunderstandings. Below is a basic Airbnb house rules template. Depending on the specific features and needs of the property, hosts may want to add or modify certain sections.

Sample House Rules for Airbnb: Example 1

Welcome to Our Airbnb Home!

To ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for all our guests, we kindly request you to follow these house rules. We have created them with the safety, comfort, and respect of both our guests and our property in mind.

1. Check-in and Check-out

  • Check-in: After 3:00 PM
  • Check-out: Before 11:00 AM

Late check-out may result in additional charges unless previously discussed with us.

2. Registered Guests

  • Only guests listed on the booking are allowed to stay overnight.
  • Please notify us in advance if you wish to have visitors during your stay. Unauthorized guests will not be permitted.

3. Safety and Respect

  • No Smoking: Our home is a smoke-free zone. If you need to smoke, please do so outside and dispose of cigarette butts responsibly.
  • Candles & Appliances: For your safety, please do not leave candles or appliances like stoves unattended.
  • Quiet Hours: Out of respect for our neighbors, we observe quiet hours from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM.

4. Deposits and Additional Fees

  • A security deposit is collected by Airbnb. This will be returned to you upon check-out, provided there are no damages or violations of house rules.
  • Excessive mess or damage may result in additional cleaning fees.

5. General Conduct and Etiquette

  • Shoes: Please remove shoes upon entering the home.
  • Food: Do not leave food out for extended periods. Store leftovers in the designated areas.
  • Pets: We love animals, but unfortunately, pets are not allowed on our property.
  • Parties and Events: Parties and events are strictly prohibited. Breach of this rule may lead to immediate termination of your stay without a refund.

6. Parking

If you have a vehicle, please park only in the designated area provided.

7. Amenities

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Feel free to use the amenities provided, but treat them with care. Any damage or loss may result in charges.

8. Feedback and Communication

  • If you face any issues or have questions during your stay, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. We're here to help!
  • We appreciate feedback. After your stay, please leave a review to help us improve for future guests.

Thank you for choosing our home for your stay. We hope you have a pleasant and memorable experience!

Sample House Rules for Airbnb: Example 2

Welcome to Our Cozy Retreat!

We're thrilled to host you in our home! To ensure a wonderful and comfortable experience for everyone, we've established the following house rules. These guidelines prioritize the safety, respect, and convenience of our guests, our neighbors, and our beloved property.

1. Check-in and Check-out

  • Check-in: After 3:00 PM
  • Check-out: Before 11:00 AM

Please respect these timings as it helps us prepare our home for the next guest. Late check-out might incur additional fees unless arranged in advance.

2. Registered Guests

  • Only those guests mentioned in the booking are permitted to stay overnight.
  • For any day visitors or changes to guest numbers, kindly inform us beforehand.

3. Safety and Respect

  • No Smoking: This is a non-smoking property. If you need to smoke, do it outside and ensure cigarette butts are properly disposed of.
  • Quiet Hours: We respect our neighbors' peace. As such, quiet hours are from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM.

4. Deposits and Additional Fees

  • A security deposit is held by Airbnb and will be returned upon check-out, assuming no damages or house rules violations.
  • Unanticipated damages or extensive cleaning might result in added fees.

5. Pet-Friendly Guidelines

  • We're happy to welcome your furry friends! However, please ensure they are well-behaved and clean up after them.
  • Pets are not allowed on the furniture and beds. Any damages caused by pets will be deducted from the security deposit.

6. Restricted Areas

The basement is off-limits to guests. Kindly respect this private space.

7. Laundry Instructions

  • Guests are welcome to use the washing machine.
  • However, the dryer is not available for guest use. Please hang your clothes out to dry in the backyard. Drying racks and pegs are provided.

8. Parking and Amenities

  • If you brought a vehicle, use the designated parking spot.
  • Feel free to use the home's amenities, but treat them with care.

9. Talk to Us if You Have Any Inquiries and Concerns

  • For any queries, problems, or assistance during your stay, reach out to us promptly. We're here to ensure your comfort!
  • After your stay, your feedback will be greatly appreciated. It helps us continually enhance the guest experience.

Thank you for selecting our Airbnb for your stay. Wishing you an enjoyable and delightful visit!

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Airbnb house rules for the foundation of a seamless stay for your guests and the protection of your property. A great house rules list is concise and easy to read and understand. It should strike a balance between firmness and respect. You can use the two Airbnb house rules samples and tweak them to fit your property and guest expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Setting Up House Rules for Airbnb

1. Are Airbnb house rules legally binding?

Yes, house rules for Airbnb are legally binding. This is why it is important to draft them in a clear and concise manner for better understanding. If guests violate certain house rules, Airbnb hosts can use the platform's conflict resolution system.

2. What do house rules mean on Airbnb?

House rules on Airbnb define the expectations and guidelines set by the Airbnb host for guests during their stay. They ensure a smooth guest experience, keep the Airbnb property in good condition, and remind guests of their responsibilities. House rules can range from general house rules like "no smoking inside" to more specific guidelines, like "only registered guests are allowed."

3. What to put in house rules on Airbnb?

Prioritize safety rules, check-in and check-out times, rules about unregistered guests, and policies about smoking, pets, or parking. Many Airbnb hosts also include quiet hours to ensure a relaxing vacation for guests and not drive neighbors crazy.

4. What is not allowed on Airbnb?

Most guests are not allowed to make excessive noise, bring unregistered guests, or access off-limit areas of the property. Many hosts emphasize rules banning smoking inside the property, especially if other guests might have pet allergies or asthma.

5. What are the cleaning rules for Airbnb?

While most guests are expected to keep the place tidy, they aren't typically responsible for deep cleaning. However, leaving excessive mess might result in an extra cleaning fee. The cleaning fee charged at booking covers the property's cleaning after guests check out.

6. What are some examples of rules?

  • No smoking inside the property.
  • Quiet hours between 10 PM and 7 AM.
  • Only registered guests are allowed.
  • Pets must be approved in advance.
  • Do not leave trash outside the trash can.

7. How do I host a checklist on Airbnb?

An efficient way for Airbnb hosts to manage their rental property is by maintaining a hosting checklist. This can include items like ensuring clean linens, checking the air conditioning, and verifying emergency contact numbers are available. Many hosts use vacation rental software or list these essentials on their listing page.

8. What happens if an Airbnb guest breaks the rules?

If an Airbnb guest violates the house rules, the Airbnb host can report the issue to Airbnb. Depending on the severity, this could result in the security deposit being withheld, extra fees, or even eviction.

9. Who is responsible for cleaning Airbnb?

While guests should treat the Airbnb property respectfully and keep it tidy, the primary cleaning responsibility lies with Airbnb hosts or property managers they hire. Hosts usually charge a cleaning fee to cover the costs of cleaning the entire property after a guest's stay.

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