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The Enemy Method

Wondering how to analyze a short-term rental investment? You may be used to analyzing long-term rentals, but there are some stark differences when it comes to vacation properties. You’ll most likely be using different data tools, different pricing structures, and looking at varying levels of vacancy. If you end up doing your short-term rental analysis wrong, you could be throwing thousands (if not more) away on a base-hit deal instead of the grand slam you accounted for.

Avery Carl, our short-term rental sorcerer and author of “Short-Term Rental, Long-Term Wealth”, has been around the block with vacation rentals many times before. She knows the common data slip-ups and how much of an impact small outliers can have on your analysis. That’s why she developed the “Enemy Method”, a way of sifting through short-term rental data to get the numbers you need to chase a deal.

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