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Rosemary Beach Homes & Rental Properties for Sale

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Florida has always been a tourist hotspot, especially during summer, because of its many beautiful beaches. And, one of these beaches is Rosemary Beach, which offers an idyllic summer getaway that is fast becoming one of America’s newest vacation destinations.

Located on the east end of the Scenic Highway 30A, this neo-traditional community allures beach lovers with its charming architecture, family-friendly vibe, exquisite golf courses, delicious coastal cuisine, and of course, its white-sand beach. You and your family will surely love having your own piece of land in this paradise. And, on days you are not using it, you can earn extra cash by renting it out to tourists.

So, if you’re looking for an attractive investment vehicle, you can never go wrong with a Rosemary Beach real estate property. With the rising popularity of online platforms, such as Airbnb and, owning short-term rental properties has become a worthwhile venture.

How to Buy a Home & Short Term Rental Property in Rosemary Beach, FL

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When it comes to Rosemary Beach real estate, the choices are endless. You can get almost any type of property. But how do you know if you’re getting your money’s worth? Here are some key things to keep in mind if you want to get the most out of your investment in Rosemary Beach FL.

Know what your investment goals are

Think about what you want to achieve in the end. Why do you want to buy a Rosemary Beach property? If your long-term goal is to live there with your family, then keep your choice personal. Make sure it suits you and your family’s needs and objectives.

While you would rent out your Rosemary Beach real estate to earn a little extra income when you’re not using it, keeping it personal is still not a bad thing. In some way, it adds warmth and a sense of hominess to your property. As more tourists are starting to look for accommodation that gives them a feeling of being home away from home, this could work to your advantage.

Familiarize yourself with the market

Keep in mind that millennials are today’s biggest consumers. That is why most industries, including vacation rental real estate, are adjusting to cater to this generation’s tastes.

Did you know that seven out of 10 millennials prefer staying at locally-owned rentals? So, make sure to invest in a location that is more popular with younger travelers, such as Rosemary Beach.

Aside from knowing your target market, you should also understand the laws and regulations for short-term rentals in the state.

Consider the location carefully

How do you know if an area is ripe for short-term rental investment? For starters, it should be in a location that is appealing to tourists. Learn as much as you can about the property to find out if it:

  • Is accessible to nearby attractions and public transportation
  • Is in high demand by tourists throughout the year
  • Is close to an excellent selection of pubs, shops, and restaurants

If you want to buy a property for both personal use and a way to earn passive income, then investing in a vacation home that’s busy for just one or two seasons is still not a bad idea. However, if it’s strictly for renting out, then you may want to look for a property in areas that draw in lots of tourists all year round.

Check the neighborhood rules

Although most communities in South Walton, where 30A is located, allow vacation rental properties at the beach, there are still those that do not allow it in the short term. So, make sure to ask your agent for listings found in neighborhoods that specifically allow short-term rentals.

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Facts About Rosemary Beach You Should Know

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Rosemary Beach is a world-class blend of landscape and architecture that is in a strategic location. Here are some key facts about this community that you need to know about.


Rosemary Beach is an unincorporated master-planned community located along Florida’s world-famous Scenic Highway 30A, lying between Destin and Panama City. It rests along 107 acres of land. It is easily accessible either by land or air. In fact, it is only a one-hour drive away from the Fort Walton Beach Okaloosa Airport. And, it will only take you 30 minutes if you drive from the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport.


The design of Rosemary Beach is a mix of traditional and new urbanism, using other classic beach neighborhoods for inspiration. It was designed in 1995 to give visitors and residents a sense of neighborhood, community, and convenience. The essence of this gulf-front town comes from the careful arrangement of the private homes, as well as its public spaces.

The neighborhoods of this gulf-front town are also designed to interconnect via a network of footpaths, boardwalks, and pedestrian lanes. There are even secret pathways that lead to public areas, which include tennis courts, beachfront, swimming pools, and the Town Square, where restaurants, shops, a post office, and the town hall are all conveniently located.

The community’s pedestrian scale was designed to ensure that everything is accessible within a five-minute walk from the Town Square.


Rosemary Beach is composed of a hodgepodge of different types of houses. Some are custom-built to suit a wide range of individual tastes. Every home found in this beautiful town is architecturally unique, which reflects the owner’s needs, tastes, and lifestyle. Although each home tells a different story, they are all part of what gives the town its coastal character. The Rosemary Beach homes’ silhouettes and shapes bring to mind the West Indies, Charleston, New Orleans, and St. Augustine.

Why You Should Invest in a Property in Rosemary Beach

Here are the main reasons why Rosemary Beach real estate is a sound investment.

Location is everything when it comes to beach real estate. Rosemary Beach is unlike most other beach real estates, as it is located along the famous coastal route 30A. What makes this special, aside from the beautiful scenery, is that it is a place where restaurateurs, artists, crafty builders, and promising architects all gather to create something unique and special.

Additionally, it is where many of the travelers from the southern, midwestern, and northern cities choose to have a vacation. So, by investing in a property in this special stretch of beach, you can potentially generate returns sooner than later.

A trip to Rosemary Beach is perfect for a family of any size, as the place offers a lot of activities for both kids and adults. Moreover, the water at Rosemary Beach gradually deepens, making it perfect for splashing around with children. Of course, you should still exercise caution when swimming with kids.

It’s also worth mentioning that there are numerous biking paths all over the area. This could be another fun activity that can be done with the whole family.

The beaches along Florida’s Gulf Coast are like no other with their unbelievably soft, white sand. If you’re looking for more adventure, you can also explore the amazing sand dunes in the area.

These are all great reasons why you should invest in a Rosemary Beach property. But the best reason is you can use it to generate passive income. You can rent it out when you are not in town. Since it’s located in a great place with lots of amenities and activities for the entire family, you won’t ever run out of bookings, especially during peak seasons.

Rosemary Beach Property Prices

The average house value in Rosemary Beach is $2,164,494 and can go as high as $10,200,000, depending on the size and location of the property. But, do take note that 30A is still a developing market. It promises a lot of opportunities. In fact, home values in this gulf-front town have gone up by 0.7% just last year.

Of course, market prices are expected to see a few dips here and there in the coming years, but the general trend remains upward. So, it is a worthwhile investment in the long run.

Buy the Best Home or Rental Property in Rosemary Beach

You can expect the home values in Rosemary Beach, FL to increase exponentially in the future, as HIghway 30A continues to develop. So, whether you are looking for a home or rental property in the area, now is the best time to invest. As more and more people are looking for alternatives to traditional hotel rooms when going on vacation, it is the perfect time to enter the short-term property market.

Now, it’s just a matter of finding the ideal location and identifying your target market. The team of experienced real estate agents from the Short Term Shop can help make finding the right property easier with our extensive knowledge of the community and its surrounding areas. Just let us know what your requirements are, and we will find the property that best fits your needs. We will be with you throughout the process to make your home-buying experience as easy and smooth as possible.

Send us an email now to start finding the best property in our awesome real estate listings!

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